Our mission and promise to the community is to provide the highest quality of professional police services protecting life and property. We wish to be fair, honest, and compassionate and operate with the utmost integrity. Our officers have a high level of continued training and take pride in their work, coming up with unconventional solutions to problems to benefit the community. We have an open door policy and strive to act as a liaison between the community and federal, state and local governments. We want to bridge the gap of communication and information between law enforcement and the citizens of Etna. Our goal is to be a part of the constructive and purposeful enhancement of our city while still being proactive in the preservation of our history, heritage and small town values. We have an active relationship with the local schools and businesses helping to bring the community together. We provide programs such as P.A.L. to involve the youth and provide them with an incentive to become productive members of the community. I, as chief of police and native to the area, understand the importance of listening to the people and will strive every day to bring everyone’s ideas to the table in an attempt to make Etna the best small town in America!