VISION STATEMENT: The Etna City Council envisions the City of Etna and its surrounding area
to be attractive, emphasizing its natural beauty, the clean water and air, and the quiet, friendly
small-town atmosphere. The streets, sidewalks, businesses, and homes are clean and in good
condition. Services (water, sewer, police, fire, and ambulance) are well maintained. City
employees and Etna citizens are courteous, respectful, caring and accountable to one another.
Schools, churches, and other organizations work together with the city to provide the highest
caliber of service. The economic outlook is positive with all segments of the community,
including the City Council, working together to raise the level of economic well-being through
revitalized existing businesses, new businesses, new jobs, and new opportunities based on
the use of our community assets and resources. The natural recreational opportunities are
encouraged and other recreational avenues are being upgraded the historical points of the
valley and Etna are well marked and are used as tourism enhancement. There is a mutual
respect between the ranchers and business community. There is a welcoming atmosphere for
tourist/ visitors and prospective new residents.

MISSION STATEMENT: the City Council will work toward enhancing the quality of life for all
residents through actively serving them, pursuing excellence in all areas, and maintaining a
high level of accountability.
CORE VALUES: Compassion, service, respect, and accountability, teamwork and responsibility
OUR GOAL: to maintain those aspects of small-town rural life (friendliness, respect, caring)
the environmental qualities of clean water, clean air, scenic beauty, and unpolluted landscape;
excellent schools, churches, and community organizations; and to enhance/improve the
economic level of the community through revitalized /new businesses and new jobs.