The Public Works Dept. is comprised of two dedicated professionals who work to maintain public areas and public infrastructure. This includes 9 miles of streets, 10.7 miles of water distribution pipes and 6.8 miles of sanitary sewer mains.  It also is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the storm drain system, traffic and street signs, crosswalks, fire hydrants, water meters, parks, and buildings.
The Public Works Dept. maintains the water mains from the tanks on the hill to the water meter near each property. The valve on the input side of the meter is owned by the City and maintained by the Public Works Dept. DO NOT ATTEMPT to use this valve.

The property owner owns the line from the OUTPUT side of the meter, the side closest to a house. If you have an emergency that requires water to be turned off, close the valve CLOSEST to the house. If there is not a valve on the house side of the meter, please call the Public Works Dept. at (530)467-3673. If you do not know the location of the meter box, take a few minutes and find it. Renters should also know this information.

The Public Works Dept. also maintains the sewer mains. Their responsibility extends from the sewer mains in the street, up to, and including the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The property owner owns and is responsible for maintaining the entire sewer lateral from the plumbing in the property owner's buildings, up to connection to the sewer main in the street.  City crews are not allowed onto private property in order to clean or maintain privately owned sewer laterals.

Etna has a Park available to residents and visitors.  The Public Works Dept. does a lot of landscaping tasks in the Park during the summer to make sure visitors and residents can enjoy the Park as much as possible. While these tasks are scheduled to minimize work while the Park is in use, there can be some overlap, so please pardon the noise.

The property owner is responsible to maintain the sidewalk.  California’s Streets and Highways Code states, “The owners of lots or portions of lots fronting on any portion of a public street shall maintain any sidewalk in such condition that the sidewalk will not endanger persons or property and maintain it in a condition that will not interfere with the public convenience.”

If the sidewalk fronting private property becomes a hazard, the City will either require the sidewalk to be repaired by the owner, or it will be repaired at the owner’s expense.

The Public Works Dept. performs cold-mix or hot-mix patching depending on weather conditions. Year around they work at patching potholes, painting crosswalks, sign maintenance and any other work needed to keep the streets in good condition.