The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the coordination and direction of activities of the City within the framework of policies established by the City Council. The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for a wide array of duties, including:

•Preparing, maintaining and distributing City Council Agenda packets.

•Preparing and maintaining the archive of all city legislative actions (Minutes of proceedings, Resolutions and Ordinances), ensuring accessibility, transparency and continuity.
•Responding to public records requests.

•Posting and publication of legal notices, including public hearing notices, so that all interested parties have an opportunity to participate.

•Maintaining and updating the Municipal Code, policy documents, and Council Handbook on a continuing basis. 

•Conducting bid openings.

•Grant Management

The Clerk’s department is also responsible for keeping track of tax dollars coming into and going out of City accounts. The department is in charge of financial reporting, budget preparation and implementation, payroll and other related assignments.